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Monday, November 26, 2007

Fun times out East

So many good times were had the past week out here in Maine and Boston. Thanksgiving was fun filled with delicious turkey, and roasted vegetables, lively conversation followed by a delicious dessert sampler. After the meal, Patrick, Cam (his step brother), Gretchen (Cams girlfriend) and the kiddos all hung out in the kitchen. Cam is a pilot and got on the floor doing airplane with Nora. Nora LOVED it! I was laughing so hard my cheeks hurt. Cam was doing the "Cessna 180...ready for takeoff on runway 2..." Nora would put her arms out and prepare for takeoff. Anytime Cam got up off the floor, nora would politely pat the floor for Cam to get back on the floor for more airplane.

The evenings in Rockport were enjoyed by reading in the house library while the kiddos slept. And sleep they do! Finally! On vacation they are now both sleeping through the night. I'm in heaven and remember what it feels like to feel rested once again. It has made vacation so fantastic!

We head back tomorrow eve, spend the night in Anchorage and arrive home Wednesday morning. A long trip it will be-but we'll make the most of it. The trip out went smoothly so we feel lucky in that regard!



Ella, Zoya, Zeke and Stuart.

Cam doing airplane with Nora on Thanksgiving day.

Patrick doing the driving back to Boston. I sat in the back seat with the kiddos.

Emmy resting by the fire with the bellow after preparing a delightful meal!

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