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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Riding the River with Stuey

One morning on our recent vacation Nora woke up with a tick bite.  Huge brouhaha and with Deer Tick Fever fears Zoya took her off to the doctor (maybe she'll post about it - needless to say but our family fears ticks more than bears).  Anyway, it was a glorious morning and Stuey and I had ourselves to entertain.  So we took George's canoe down to the river and went exploring.

Floating the river we saw all sorts of ducks, geese, and even turtles burrowed into the mud on the bottom of the river.  There are no leaves on the trees so we could see into the forest on either side of the river.  Stuey was fascinated by the large granite boulders left behind by the glaciers.  There was one 'almost as big as a tree' that we later got to investigate on foot during a walk.

I'd never seen turtles getting ready to hibernate.  Once I had spotted one we noticed that they were everywhere on the bottom. Stuey even noticed a group of 3 all clustered together.  We did not see any on the surface or on the banks so I assume they were getting ready to burrow into the mud.  It made me wonder how they hold their breath all winter long?  Patrick

This is the rock that Stuey saw from the river and later got to climb

Underwater photo of Painted turtles getting ready to hibernate

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