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Monday, December 28, 2015

Hawaiian Beaches and Lava Flows

Just two weeks ago I was on the big island recharging my Vitamin D batteries for the winter, as well as drumming with 7 other women at a Women's drumming retreat. 

The trip was more spectacular than I imagined: the fruit more delicious, stars brighter, volcanos even more awe inspiring and the drumming more beautiful than I ever envisioned. 

I flew to Kona with few expectations and left feeling inspired and rested. 

On my second day in Hilo, I took an 8 hour volcano tour which took us first to Rainbow falls, then to the recent lava flows-where they flow into the ocean.  Then to an underground lava tube, as well as to scenics of the volcano at night. And the stars-so spectacular. 

The best part was soaking it all in, enjoying it with no one else to worry about. Being a singleton on a small group tour was lovely. 


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