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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Snow and Bread

For the last few days the skiing has been good at the golf course, but I fear that today's forecasted hard rain will put an end to it.  Oh well, hopefully we'll just have to climb higher to find snow.

Yesterday, I wasn't sure if the skiing at the golf course would be good and after work I brought along 3 different pairs of skis - classic cross country skis, downhill skis, and skate skis.  That way I covered all my potential options.  I ended up skate skiing.

In the past few days we have had to come up with the kid's Science Fair projects.  I've also been baking a lot of bread using the the 'No Kneed 2' Cooks Illustrated recipe.  Basically you add vinegar and beer to the classic 'no knead' recipe to add better 'bread' flavor.  I've been trying out various types of beer to see what makes the best bread and Stuey has decided to make this his science experiment.  'Which ingredients make the best bread?' is his question.

Nora's experiment has to do with our Christmas tree.   She plans on putting spruce boughs in various types of liquids and seeing which one keeps the boughs from drying out and needling.  Next year we will know what to put in the pot under our Christmas tree!  Patrick

I've already altered the recipe to suit our family tastes - this bread was too crusty so we now leave the lid on the dutch oven while baking rather than removing it half way through

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