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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Some final Vacation Moments

Stuey and George go at it in checkers

It already seems like forever since we were out East for Thanksgiving.  2 Weeks is a long time once you are back in the routine.

Stuey and Nora learned about checkers from their Aunt Lynnie.  I was amazed how they took to it.  The game got 'ipad' like attention.  Grandpa 'coco' was the resident checkers guru, and near the end of the trip checkers was all that Stuey wanted to do.  'Want to play checkers?' he'd ask repeatedly.

At dinner while at the airport hotel on the way home we asked the kids for their favorite memory of the vacation.  Nora immediately replied going to the Peabody Museum and Harvard.  I think Stuey enjoyed the checkers the most.

The building in the background - Memorial Hall - is where I took exams and attended an expository writing class

The game of the vacation was checkers

Panoramic view from the top of Maiden's Cliff

Panoramic view of the Camden Hills area

Cousins on bikes pre big meal

Family photo and then off to the airport

Our bedroom view at the airport Hilton - 4:20AM wakeup call!

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