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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sledding at the Golf Course

Yesterday was quite eventful.  Zoya left in the dark for an Hawaiian vacation, we had the annual burger grind from 9 to 3 PM, went sledding at the golf course, and ended the day at the Alutiiq Museum staff Christmas party.  Phwew.

Mike S, Lindsey, Lisa, Gregg and I ground 250 pounds of meat in our new 1.75 horse power grinder.  That thing is a monster and we could not feed it fast enough.  I think we could have thrown small trees into that thing and they'd come out the other end as wood dust.  I had anticipated grinding all day but with the new grinder we finished in the early afternoon.

And then we rushed off to the golf course to go sledding.  I was a little bummed I did not have time to get together our ski gear because the cross country skiing looked excellent.  But the kids and dogs had a great time sledding with their cousins.  Today we'll try cross country skiing.

Nora ended up with a box of cereal at the Staff Christmas party white elephant gift exchange.  But that's OK because someone ended up with a 'cat bib' from us.  The cat bib is supposed to keep cats from killing birds outside.  Busy Day.  Patrick

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