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Sunday, November 23, 2014

You Know the Skiing is bad when . . . ...

Year-in-year-out on my annual round of activities, hunting season generally ends around Halloween and ski season begins soon after sometime in November.  And this year for a while there it was looking good for an early ski season.  I did go skiing for 7 of the first 8 days of November, and then, soon after I posted on the blog about my 'Daily fix of Vitamin D' (click here for post), it started to rain - And Rain, and Rain, and Rain.  And there went my 'daily fix of vitamin D'.

To keep in shape I have been climbing Pyramid in the rain.  And yesterday with Gregg I went bow hunting for mountain goats.  Bow-hunting is sort of like playing with your food - you almost never actually harvest a goat.  But at this time of year close to home it is the only way you are allowed to hunt for goats.

When we left in the morning Zoya asked me about our chances of success and I replied, 'pretty close to nil'.  But the funny thing is that once Gregg and I got up in the mountains we both went into hunting mode.  Suddenly it seemed our odds of finding a goat were very high - we got hopeful.

And so we crept about in the rain and snow and peeked into various bowls and ravines looking for goats.  And each time we peaked we had high hopes of finding a goat.

But of course we did not find any goats.  And back at the car we laughed that we were ever even hopeful.

Still we did get in a great hike and we both admitted that we probably would not have done that hike if we did not have the excuse of 'going hunting'.


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