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Monday, November 17, 2014

A Scouting Outing

Last Saturday, the winds were blowing 30 with gust projected up to 60mph. When I looked out the window here at Mill Bay, there was spray hitting it and the waves were rolling in one after another.

The question I asked myself, "Should I still have my Brownie Troop meeting outside?" The plan was to meet on Near Island to hike, make a snack and work on our Chesapeake Bay Council outdoor Skills patch.

Patrick's answer was vehemently "YES! You'll be sheltered in the trees" he re-assured me.

He knows how I am slightly obsessed with keeping the OUTING IN SCOUTING.

My worst fear? That no one would show up, or very few. That I would get e-mails from families saying how they didn't want their brownies out in such conditions.

3 pm arrived, the weather had worsened. It already felt slightly dark, very stormy and drizzly.  I pulled into the Near Island parking lot-and sure enough--the girls were ready and geared up. 9 out of 10 of them!

The girls raced ahead on the Near Island Trails talking of how spooky it was with the afternoon darkness and winds ripping through the tress. Not one brownie said they were cold.

We stopped mid way and they made Ants on a log. We talked about proteins, carbs and sugars and how they fuel us. We learned about hypothermia, dressing in layers, and why its important to stay dry.  They girls drank hot cocoa from the cups they brought and we cleaned up and hiked back.

My troop loves being outside. On the return hike they asked me if we could build a lean-to, if we could do a salmon patch..their outdoor questions were endless. I was in heaven.


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