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Monday, November 03, 2014

A photo safari to the beach with Stuey

Saturday afternoon Stuey and I took the dogs and went on a photo safari to the beach in Fort Abercrombie Park.  Stuey timed our trip with his stopwatch and it took us 25 minutes to hike there and 23 minutes to hike back.

At the beach the waves were breaking violently on the rocks and I tried to 'freeze frame' the spray with fast shutter speeds.  This did not work very well, and next time I think I'll go the opposite route and try a neutral density filter (my camera has it as a setting) with a tripod so I can use a really slow shutter speed.  This ought to make all the waves look 'creamy' and blurred but everything else sharp.


Stuey on safari

I used the neutral density filter setting for this photo but I don't think it did anything

I took the wax off my skiis just before we left so I could go skiing later after the hike and Stuey captured it as part of the photo safari

This is Stuey's photo of the rocks on the beach - I took a photo of Stuey just after he took this photo (see above)

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