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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Knots with the Brownies

Its my second year as a girl scout leader and I'm slowly learning the girl scout promise, law and songs. Scouting is relatively new to me, as I wasn't a girl scout growing up. My Brownie troop is nearly finished with first level of a Chesapeake Bay Council Outdoor Skills patch, where the girls have learned about some basic first aid skills, dressing for different types of weather and yesterday we learned how to tie square knots.
Yesterday on our Fort Abercrombie hike, a longtime family friend, Dan O. was present with his granddaughter, Coral, who is in my troop. Dan taught us how to tie square knots and the girls had some successful knots!

I'm slighly obsessed with scouting- thinking about outdoor adventures, patches we can do, skills to learn, places to explore. But more importantly, on Saturday afternoons, I really treasure the time our troop has together. They are enthusiastic, curious and hard-core. They don't mind hiking in rain and high winds. 

Dan O. demonstrating how to tie a square knot.

Square knot success!

The girls insisted I take this picture! :)


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