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Saturday, November 08, 2014

Starter Spurs

Yesterday afternoon,  I told my last client I was excited because on Friday's I end my day with my weekly horseback riding lesson at the Fairgrounds.

"Today I'll be wearing my cowgirl boots. They're new. My first pair of cowgirl boots."

"You mean riding boots?" my client asked.

I paused. Unsure at first what he was asking.

" No... cowgirl boots. The Western kind" I stated.

 "So you don't mean those riding boots that come up to the knee and are fashionable nowadays for women?"

I thought about my tall dark, brown leather boots, with patterned marking across the top. And how I can't wait until they are worn in and softer. And weathered looking. I know it will take years.

"No, this is Western riding. I'm really taking about cowgirl boots." I said.

He explained that his parents owned a Western Wear store and how they were always trying to get him to wear riding boots, which he just couldn't get excited about. The heels bothered him.  I could understand that.
My teacher, Becca saw the boots and said it was time for me to wear a pair of starter spurs. With a leather strap across the top of my boot, the attachable spurs fit like a charm and Pony the horse listened to me a little better with the spurs on.

We carried on a trot together for several loops around the rink without much prodding from me. Becca noticed my smile and how Pony and I really started finding a rhythm. He took me in small circles a few times, resisting staying on the rail. But I persisted with my spurs and by the end we had a better understanding of each other.


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