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Friday, November 07, 2014

Daily Fix of Vitamin D

Winter time in Kodiak can be pretty dark - especially with the short days that often result in people going and coming home from work in the dark.  Sunlight on the skin is a major source of vitamin D, and so the lack of light can lead to a serious deficiency of this important nutrient. For this very reason I know a lot of people who take vitamin D supplements during winter.

But not me!  I try to get out into the sunlight and get my vitamin D the old fashioned way.  Earlier in the week when I was skiing every day the sun on the snow was so bright that my face got sunburned.  Snow does a great job of intensifying sunlight, and, as long as it is not so cold that you're forced to hide all skin under layers of clothes and scarfs, you are getting your vitamin D fix.  It's the gloomy, rainy winters without snow that create a problem.


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