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Saturday, November 01, 2014


The dog costume was made by my mom and I wore it as a kid. Cozy, comfortable costume.  Dog hood with big, black floppy ears. Little Red Riding Hood wears my costume from 9 years ago. The dress hung slightly big on her, but she so enjoyed wearing the red cape. 

Tonto and The Lone Ranger…Winners of Best Couple Costume

Marcus rockin' the 6 pack and Kate rockin' the Goddess look 

Spookiest contacts ever!

Bless Dan U's heart…masks are SO hard to wear at parties! Always good to have an alien in the mix. 

Ostrich Rider…Philip won for funniest costume. 

Can you believe she is the one who shot an elk a month ago? :)

Epic costume. Carol made a camera which actually functioned. Months of work. Unbelievable! A walking photo booth!

Megan won for best face painting

Our neighbors, Leslie and Duncan on the left

Top Gun fun! Maverick and Charlie

Lip synching "contest"…Stevie Nicks' Wild Heart. I practiced for over a week, when in my car, kids in bed at night.


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