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Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

This year, Thanksgiving dinner was  prepared by the men. Mike prepared the Roast Sous Vide style, Gregg baked 2 pies in his cast iron pans and Patrick cooked up garden mashed potatoes and sting beans. I feel fortunate-what amazing chefs they are!

We gave Thanks to Lisa and Gregg being part of the day, as they are typically in Anchorage at Art Shows for this holiday weekend. 

This year our new small TV was on in the kitchen on low volume with various football and basketball games playing. I like the special feel it gives to the have some sports for people to enjoy in and to see Stuey's love of watching basketball grow....

 Cranberry-orange-walnut and pumpkin pies baked in cast iron pans-by Gregg! Yum

A pre-meal game of Sorry! 

Nora wrote out the place settings and put in her seating request "To sit next to Cece and Daddy"

An Elk Roast prepared Sous Vide style. Cooked 12+ hours in a bag.  So tender. 

Cheers! Lisa's first thanksgiving in Kodiak in 25 years! She typically is in Anchorage at an art show selling her jewelry. 

Lisa cutting into the cranberry-orange pie as Gregg and I look on. 

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