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Thursday, October 09, 2014

Visiting with Brian

While Brian was visiting it was not all hunting all the time.  We did some visiting too.  On the day he arrived we went back to Jewel Beach and Nora looked for sea glass while Stuey tried to outrun the waves.  Sheba barked.  And us adults enjoyed the sunshine.  I showed Brian how my new camera can take super closeups with its 'microscope' setting.

And then we went for a walk in the woods.  The kids had brought flashlights and really wanted to explore the bunker we found on our last visit (click here for picture).  It was a scary place, and VERY big.  I was surprised that much of the furniture was still in pretty good shape - things like the doors and cabinets.  And to think that as the Army Headquarters during WWII, it is likely that Franklin Delano Roosevelt probably visited in that very bunker!  Best of all, this time Sheba did not roll in bear poop.


Stuey's game of outrunning the waves

Close up of a feather with the microscope setting on my camera

We brought flashlights so we could explore the bunker

Group picture in the bunker

Pretty scary place

Fall colors are still gorgeous

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