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Friday, October 10, 2014

Energy Moving

Anchorage scene after the 1964 Good Friday Earthquake.
 From the Alutiiq Museum Archives - Knagin Collection 

The 6.2 earthquake in the Anchorage Airport should have been a sign of shift and change to come on my trip to Portland to take a 4 day women's health class.

 As I sat in the big leather lounge chair in Starbucks, the earth started to lightly shake under my feet. I looked up at the others in the cafe and no one noticed, all focused on their phones. The intensity increased and the airport swelled up and down. I thought of Stuey's tears when I left in the AM…."Mommy, I'm going to miss you. I want you to help me with my homework. And make my sandwiches."

I darted under the archway and the barista behind the counter let out a scream. A very think layer of dust fell from the tiles overhead. Was Stuey right? Should I have stayed behind, with them? With the dust, the scream, people standing everyone could feel the energy. The movement subsided and only 5 minutes went by before someone had pulled up the stats on their i-phone: a 6.2 quake.


After class on my return to Alaska it is late.   11 pm and  I stretch  across 3 airplane seats, chilled. Even with a vest, warm boots and jacket on, I was  cold and hardly slept during the red eye hours.

In the airport, also cold. Trying to warm up at 3 AM and sleep for a couple of hours. Drowsiness wouldn't settle in. Too much energy shifting, perhaps. I breathed warmth, in and down-trying to warm my core. It helped some and I got a few hours.

The contraction, expansion of energy. All around. The earth, around body healers for 4 days in Portland. And understanding how it plays into rhythms of nature and in our lives as beings. So much shifting of energy.


And now, nearly 2 weeks later. Class is over, and the classmates send e-mails back and forth. Facebook friend requests were submitted and accepted with these fellow healing souls. None of us went back to life as normal. We're all a little changed, more tuned in with ourselves, our needs and better tuned into the energy of our bodies, of the earth, people around us. That resonance that can fill a room..of either warmth or cold. Now I can work with it, understand it. And most of all, appreciate it.


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