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Thursday, October 02, 2014


I don't think I can remember a fall on Kodiak where the colors have been so bright or lasted so long.  It's funny but I assumed all Alaskans had experienced the same sort of summer and fall as we have on Kodiak - we all live in Alaska right? But I gather that in the Interior and in Southeast they had wet summers and falls.  I had a friend from Fairbanks who wrote me to the effect that he was glad that the wet miserable summer was over.  What?

Sometimes I think we forget how spread out and varied the various parts of Alaska are - from the rainforests and glaciers of Southeast, to the windswept, tree-less Aleutians, to the dwarf spruce taiga of the Interior.  It's ironic because in terms of population the state is small and tightly knit - everybody seems to know everybody no matter where they live.  We forget that it is also a HUGE place.  Patrick

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