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Monday, October 13, 2014

Moments captured on the SAT phone

When Patrick is away on hunts, we communicate via Satellite phone. Its a large bulky, phone (looks like a cell phone from the 80's) which is kept in a hardshell waterproof case. Next to the phone is a folded up piece of worn paper describing how to turn it on and dial, in the event that someone not familiar with it needs to place a call. To dial out, one must stand outside and usually it catches the satellites overhead pretty well. If not, the call is lost and a retry is necessary. There is often a long gap in conversation, as if calling another country.

For the past 10ish years that we've had the Satellite phone, it has brought me much peace of mind.

In our early days of our Satellite phone ownership, I was practicing with the feature where I could e-mail a short message to the phone. There is a maximum character limit on these messages, approx 2-3 sentences. Patrick was in the field I sent several spunky, fun text messsages to the phone. Patrick never received the messages.

I called up the SAT phone company.

"I wrote several messages on the phone and they didn't go through. Can you check on it?" I asked. The SAT phone lady checked the address I was using and re-assured me that it was correct.  She suggested I just keep retrying.

So I did.

"Miss you lots, Tiger. Love, Zoya " ended  one of the messages.

A few days later I got a call from the SAT phone company. A tug boat operator in the NYC area had been receiving my text messages. The address the company had given me was in fact the wrong one.  We chuckled upon hearing this and figured I must have made his day with the spontaneous messages, as he was trying to figure out who his admirer was.


Over the years, lots of history and moments in the messages...just a sample of the messages from my "sent" folder to the Sat phone. In the earlier days, I wouldn't put spaces between the words, to save character capacity for more words.




Oh and today we went to the pool. Nora is able to jump off the diving board and swim back to the side all by herself with her little life vest on. Pretty cool! I can just sit on the side and she swims right over. She was quite proud of herself! Love, Zoya

we had frost today! kids were so excited. Nora wore her winter jacket. Cool breeze now. Stuey kept asking when will it snow. Missing you lots. Love, hunny bunny

On this elk trip (2014), these are two of my recent messages:

Two Canadian hunters were driving through the country to go bear hunting. They came upon a fork in the road where a sign read "BEAR LEFT" so they went home. Zoya

One Elk down? Get outta town! Thats so fast! What a blast. Happy meat humping, over hills and peaks. We're so  impressed-thats quite a feat. Especially with a crew of 4-holy smokes fried muscles galore! From Zoya

Knowing how fun it is for him to get messages in his SAT phone inbox  field makes sending them that much more fun. 


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