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Monday, October 27, 2014

Hard Frosts

Nora tells me I should have looked for a 4-leaf-clover covered with crystals - the clover have millions of small cone-shaped crystals on them

Here on Kodiak we've been waking up every morning to some pretty hard frosts.  The lawn and cars covered with a layer of ice crystals.  Later it warms up into the mid 40's and is warm in the sunshine.  But I've noticed that the low-angled sunlight has not been melting the frost in the shaded areas, and that the lakes and ponds are beginning to freeze up.  Funnily enough the lettuce, parsley and kale from the garden are still doing great.  I even ate a salad yesterday and was surprised by its mild flavor.  The frosts have made the kale sweet.  Patrick

Crystals on a cottonwood leaf are flatter than those on the clover

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