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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Happy Trails Hunters!

Coffees were topped off, cinnamon waffles consumed, welcome hugs given and there was chatter amongst everyone in the kitchen as people got acquainted with each other.  The composition of the hunt crew changes every year.

Then we headed outside for ritual departure ritual-group photo.

"Oh, wheres the other hunter?" I mistakingly said as the crew was poised for me to take their picture. Justin, Ray, Patrick, Adelia and Brooks were all staged against the red shed, with Nora and Stuey in front. My eyes were scanning for 5 males, and I had forgotten that Adelia was one of the hunters! This is the first year of an elk hunt with a female on the crew.

Adelia is a born and raised Kodiakian and someone I've known my whole life. Our parents were friends even before we were born. And we are both twins. As well as several other commonalities between the two of us.

Adelia runs a fish net site in Uganik Bay for the summers, is savvy with boats, the outdoors and hunting. As I always say about Adelia, "She is amazing and HARD CORE." If I were to be stuck in the wilderness with only 1 other female, Adelia would be  one of the few I'd want  to be trapped with. She has a calm cool collected demeanor, is graceful and incredibly hard working.

I look forward to the hunt updates from Patrick's occasional SAT phone calls. The weather forecast is good and the seas are calm today for their passage up North.


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