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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Jewel Beach

This past weekend it rained on Saturday, but indian summer continued on Sunday.  We went to Jewel Beach with some friends and all the dogs.  The main objective of the trip was to find beach glass, but our friends also brought wetsuits, and we learned that Nora and Stuey REALLY like to swim with wetsuits on.  I'm wondering if we might be swimming in January.

I took a lot of pictures and played with taking backlit pictures of the kids in the water.  I really like how the sparkles turned into little 6 armed 'stars'

Cici, Sophie and Roxanne looking for beach glass

On the way home we checked out an old WWII bunker that was supposedly the main headquarters for all of Kodiak.  I had heard it has 7 stories underground, but I later talked to Joe at the military history museum and he set me straight - only one floor. And yes it was the headquarters for the Army.

The downside of our bunker visit was that Sheba found and rolled in bear poop.  Rotted humpy bear poop - the WORST kind.  I had to wash her in a pond and our car ride home was quite smelly.  Patrick

washing Sheba - at least she stayed still

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