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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Life Afloat

Nothing beats a 50 foot seiner as a mobile base camp.  No matter how nasty the weather the boat is ALWAYS warm and dry.  Best of all, once on shore we are not limited to any one area of the coastline - Jim in the FV Columbia could pick us up anywhere.  We often go to shore in one bay and get picked up in a completely different and far distant bay.

The boat is also where we stored our kegs of beer.  On the last elk-meat ferry down to the sea my mantra was 'beer on the boat'.  Such thoughts keep the pain at bay and are a good incentive to get back to the boat.

Finally the boat is a great fishing platform.  Afterall, the FV Columbia is, first and foremost, a FISHING boat - the 'F' in 'FV'. On this hunt we tried subsistence tanner crab fishing, and failed miserably.  We only caught sea stars, whelks and a couple of octopuses.  But it sure was exciting when the pot broke the sea surface.  What interesting sea creatures would we find inside?  We also had some halibut hand-lines and Justin managed to catch one to take back to his freezer in Fairbanks (along with some cod).

Adelia's husband Philip edited a video of the hunt and posted it to Vimeo.

An Afognak Limerick by Ray R.

There once was a gal from Uganik,
Chased the Waterfall Herd to a panic,
The herd bull went down,
‘twas the talk of the town,
The great Huntress made Patrick more manic!


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