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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pumpkins, Horses and Organs

The Halloween spirit is strong at the Coast Guard Base Clinic. Today when I walked into the Physical Therapy room, it had been spiderweb-ized and there was Mr. O'lantern warming up on the bike. Thank you to Krystyna M. for decorating. :)

Fall weather remains epically sunny and gorgeous. Yesterday Stuey rode in the round pen outside and worked more on his trotting. Stuey was on the silly side, so wasn't able to cantor but after the round pen work, we went for a short walk around the outside of the arena.

Stuey riding Pony the Fjord

Stuey saying "what the?"...a habit I'm trying to break

I'm nearing the end of teaching an 8 week childbirth class series and then I will take 8 weeks off before starting up again in January. My favorite parts are seeing the women gain confidence in their bodies. To realize that they are MADE to have babies.  And by the end of the series, the partners confidently answer questions...shooting their hands up in the air when I ask what the name of hormone is that causes the uterus to contract. And how can we facilitate the flow of that hormone? (btw...the answer is oxytocin and we can facilitate her by minimizing interruptions, keeping her labor room dark, quiet, massage and calm presence)

Many moms and partners come to first class nervous. Understandably so. There is quite a bit of mental reprogramming to be done about their bodies' ability to give birth.  (ie...yes-they CAN do it. And Yes, their body knows exactly what to do if we just let it.) 

After 8 weeks they leave excited to have the big day come. 

(oh, and for those interested in stuffed, plush can purchase all organs from

Meet my stuffed organ props for Childbirth class. The Brain and Uterus. 

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