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Friday, October 17, 2014

Successful Elk Hunt

Yesterday evening we returned from a very successful elk hunt.  In 3 days of hunting we found 2 different elk herds and harvested 2 bull elk.  That's a lot of meat and a lot of luck!  I think Adelia's elk weighed on the order of 1100 pounds.  Some years it takes a lot more work just to find one elk herd.  And then there are the years we return with no elk.  Thank you elk hunt gods!

We also had some great hiking and camping, ate delicious food, and saw some wonderful sights.  All to be described in future elk hunt posts.

But the elk hunt is not over yet.  We still have to process and package all the meat.  That is what we will be doing all day today.  I just hope we finish today!  Patrick


Pete said...

Awesome hunt! How did the new pack do? I love the looks of the Seek Outside packs, but I'm not sure about hauling meat with them--what are your thoughts, Patrick?

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

Pete, the pack did great and I have carried 100 pounds plus in it several times. On that elk hunt I even 160 pounds for a mile or so when we had to get the meat away from the kill before dark. If you watch the video ( you'll see me carrying that beast of a load, and in the snowstorm I was up around 120 or 130 pounds or so. So heavy loads no problem! Someone I hunt with couldn't decide between the Kuiu or Evolution and we did a one on one test. She MUCH preferred the Seek Outside pack in the direct comparison.

Pete said...

Just found this--I thought it'd notify me that you responded, but I guess not. Anyway, that's an awesome video, and I'm glad the pack did so well. It looks like you carried the meat under the talon and against the pack? My one concern with that is that you have to compress your camp gear so much in order to get the meat to sit tight. Was that an issue? Did you have any problems with the meat being too far from your back, since it appears that your gear is closest to your torso, then the meat was further out? Thanks!

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

Using the pack I generally take the bag with gear off and then put the meat on and then the bag above the meat (above meaning sideways at shoulder height) and then all held on with the talon. A lot of the pictures on the video were taken after the first haul. The bag and other gear did not go back for the second haul (but with the top and talon I still had space for emergency gear). I pretty much always put the meat in closest to me - I might sometimes put the gear bag sideways lower down but not between the pack and the meat. Patrick

Pete said...

Aha! That makes much more sense. It's tough to figure this stuff out without holding the pack in hand. Thanks very much for your help!