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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hiking to Snow with Stuey

Still no snow down low

Last weekend Stuey and I climbed Pyramid.  Before the elk hunt I'd promised we'd climb the mountain when I got back from Afognak.  So Saturday afternoon after we finished cutting up all the elk harvested on the hunt Stuey and I headed up the mountain.

The kids have been dying for it to finally snow at our house.  Last week it barely snowed in town, but up on Pyramid enough fell that some hardy souls got in the first skiing of the year.  This was the same storm that caught us packing out an elk on Afognak.  So driving out for the climb Stuey was very excited to hear we'd be climbing up to the snow that we could see on the tops of the mountains all around us.

And when we got up there he was surprised at the snow depth.  He kept asking how many inches or feet of snow there was on top.  We even found old ski tracks in the snow.  He can't wait to go skiing! He took lots of pictures and on Monday took the camera to school so he could show 'Mr. Brian' the snow on the mountain.

Deep snow up high - Stuey tested one drift that was waist deep

Snow!  And Stuey loved it when I pointed out Afognak in the distance

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