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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Portland Love

In the PDX airport. 
Returning home early tomorrow. 
Feelin' the Portland Love~  

The warmth, smiles, hugs and love from the other kindred spirits in my class. 

Retreating to the peace and quiet of my hotel room after dinner. My little slice of quiet and solitude.

Staying up late watching House Hunters. 

Grazing through the stacks of beautiful books at Powells. 

Being in the presence of healers of all types for 4 days-natropaths, midwives & massage therapists. 

Walking through city streets. City lights. 

Portland Food Trucks-especially the Georgian one. Wow. 

Tami Kent, my class instructor. Her skills, patience, expertise…she's a gem. 

Portland food-Smoked Elk Tongue, Rabbit, eggplant dishes, local white wine…yum.

and….my long distance Stalker, Stuey. His breathy voice messages left on my phone. "What are you doing, mommy?"

Portland, I'll be back! 


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