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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Stuey's first trip up Pyramid

Stuey begins his first hike up Pyramid
This weekend Steuy climbed Pyramid Mountain for the very first time.  Leaving the house the goal had been to 'see our tub on the beach at Afognak' and to 'look for deer like we were hunting'.  We had promised Nora we would take a picture through the spotting scope of the tub on the beach.  And I bet we might have done it, but goals changed when we got to Pyramid and it was totally socked in with fog.

So the goal of the hike changed to 'touching a cloud'.  Stuey wanted to feel a cloud with his hands.  When we started out we could see the start of the cloud right at the top of the first climb.  This goal turned out to be easily accomplished - Stuey got to feel the cloud on his hands, face, and it even got his pants wet.  Stuey described walking inside of the cloud as 'spooky'.

Another goal of the trip was to climb higher than the only other mountain Stuey has climbed - Old Womens Mountain.  So our progress was all in relation to our elevation versus that mountain.  Halfway up became the 'point' of Old Womens and the top - way higher than Old Womens.

Anyway, Stuey climbed up pretty quickly without any stops, and then as we started down he made my day by asking, 'Daddy, pretty soon we can go skiing here right?'

Of course when we got back to the parking lot the mountains broke out of the clouds and it got beautiful.  But I'm hopeful that Stuey will eventually 'get to see Afognak' from the top of Pyramid.  I'm hopeful he'll see the top of Pyramid in all sorts of weather - in blizzards, past sunset, icy, in the rain.  I get the feeling (fingers crossed) we'll be climbing Pyramid a lot.  Patrick

Kinda foggy - it looks like we may not be able to see Afognak from up on top as promised

Hey at least the sun is sort of breaking through

Stuey taking pictures - it's still a long way down to the car!

Red, Red fireweed

Of course it clears off and gets beautiful once we get back to the car

That's where we were - it's a long way up there (WAY higher than Old Womens)

Stuey's picture of the road when we were almost 1/2 way back down

That's me leading the way - knocking the water off of the grass with the ski poles

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Brooks Horan said...

Great job Stuey!