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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Afognak Soul Food

With only Patrick and the kids on the beach, I scrambled to shed my layers of summer carharts, long sleeve shirt and vest onto a pile on the beach rocks- to finally enjoy the hot tub I'd been dreaming about since last summer. The warmth of the water pleasantly surprised me, as well as how comfortable and deep the tub was.

The various water floaties and organic matter from the pond water circulated their way through the tub but didn't bother me in the slightest. Just an added bonus to the Afognak hot tub experience!

The 14-ish buckets of water came from a small swamp behind the beach filled up our hot tub and something about climbing in after made it feel more "earned". For the first few tubs, Katelyn and I took turns fillin' the tub up-so gratifying to see the water swirl into the cast iron form and see this neglected tub have a second life.

 Making the beach hot tub a reality was a combined efforts of many friends-starting with John S. who found the abandoned tub in a friends yard (see prior blog post). Thank you, John!

Then 4 friends in 2 boats helped haul it over from Anton Larson (John, Robert, Brooks and Jason). Upon arrival they hauled  it up the beach to where we found it on our arrival later that day. I thank my lucky stars that no spines were hurt in that delivery!

All the tub needed was some serious scrubbing with a brush found on the beach and some tub plugs. Patrick recently learned an adage from Jack W…."What ever it is you  need, the ocean will supply you with". Our beaches supplied exactly what we needed to make the final pieces of the dream come true.
The true inspiration in this whole experience is from  our friends the Myrick's fish site in remote Kodiak. Both Katelyn and I have soaked in their beach hot tub at different times in our life under the stars in Uganik bay.  That experience really stuck with me and fed my soul and its great to return to this beach experience. 


Getting the beach ready for the tub's new location. 

Arranging the base of support, so crab cooker could fit underneath. 

Teamwork!! (Katelyn, John, Robert, Patrick and myself) Crab cooker heated the tub~took approx 1 hour of heating time. Plywood plank kept us from burning our bottoms!

Rub-a-dub-dub...scrubbin' the tub...with a brush found on the beach!

And the moment we've been waiting for...


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