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Friday, September 26, 2014

To heal or to be healedl? that is the question

Today I discovered the incredible Portland Food trucks. Enjoyed an $8 Georgian Sampler plate-it was fabulous!

I've come to Portland for a class, and in all honesty- I'm in more of a mood to be healed than to learn how to heal. After a day of eating at amazing food carts and restaurants, drooling at all the books at Powells, retreating to my hotel room to finish 1/2 a novel-It feels so good to just have dedicated time to myself. Away from anyone needing me at home, work, etc. Fellow moms can relate, I imagine.

Today was my "hang-out-relax" day before class starts tomorrow and boy does it feel good to recharge, read, shop, take a nap. People watch. Venture to a fabulous small Mexican restaurant with no real sign on the outside.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a healer at heart.
 The moment that I shake someones hand and I look them in the eye and ask them if they've ever had physical therapy before. Reading their body language as they sit down in the chair. Are they making eye contact? Do thy believe I can help?

I love how my fingertips can tell me so much, and how I've learned how to trust them almost 100% over the years. My sensory nerve corpuscles  in my first and second digits hardly ever lie. These bundles of incredible nerve endings which are abundant with information. And it all helps me put the pieces of the puzzle together on if or how I can help.


I signed up for this class about 6 months ago, after reading a book called "Wild Feminine" by Tami Kent. It was a book my massage therapist gave me a year prior. I  shuffled the soft cover book off to the side, intending to read it "someday".

Then, in  spring cleaning frenzy-I unearthed it and decided I should at least give it a chapter or two before returning it.  That way I could at least say, "Oh, yeah! I read a chapter and it was interesting."

So I read it. And i couldn't put it down.

Tami, a women's health physical therapist,  wrote of  women  reclaiming their (our) femininity, and how in todays culture and life, this aspect of "us" can often be lost without some real attention and effort. In Wild Femine she writes of how to bring these important rituals and traditions back into our lives admits this busy, modern world we live in. And how good it can be for our souls and overall energy for life.

I started implementing some of her ideas into my life and I found myself becoming calmer, happier and my soul was fed.

Hence the class! So I'm here, to learn from her. To learn how to help other women find this place inside themselves. At this moment in time, I'm relishing in not taking care of anyone else, but I know that whatever I learn for myself, or for others…I'll put to good use in Kodiak.


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