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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Spruce Cape Hike

Yesterday it was supposed to be sunny in the morning and then raining in the afternoon.  So I got up in the dark and went hunting with a friend.  As I was leaving the house on the way to the car I spotted Orion and his Belt on high and thought it would be a great day hunting.  By dawn I was high in the mountains and there were deer everywhere (I even passed on a spike) - and then the fog socked in and it started to rain - HARD.  Cursing the weather, we hiked back to the car with no deer meat.

However, once we got back to the car it cleared up and the sun came out.  And it stayed beautiful for the rest of the day.  Another typical Kodiak weather forecast gone wrong!

The lesson here is that on Kodiak one should always react to the weather outside and not the forecasted weather.  So yesterday afternoon when it was supposed to be raining our family took advantage of the sunny sky and went for a hike out Spruce Cape.

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