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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Indian Summer at Mill Bay Beach

Right now I look out the kitchen window and see the streams of water from the over-flowing gutters, and the wind whipping up the surface of Mill Bay.  This morning it seemingly took forever for it to get light outside and, on getting light, the best it seems to have achieved is a dismal and oppressive, 'Land of Mordor', grey.  And I love it!

If it stays this way for more than a week I'll probably reconsider, but this summer and fall the weather has been so good that I'm missing the usual Kodiak fare - the gales off of the Gulf of Alaska and thick fogs and rain.  The kind of days where you enjoy staying inside and looking out at the weather.

The day before yesterday I took the kids to Mill Bay beach in the evening, and it felt like summer.  We've had a couple of frosty mornings, but, in general it has stayed very warm.  I'm surprised that the fireweed has died off and that the cottonwoods are dropping their leaves.  It's been way warmer than it is usual in May, and yet, instead of turning green everything is turning brown.  My guess is that the plants are somehow keyed into the amount of sunlight and not on the temperatures.

Anyway, it was great at the beach.  The kids climbed on the rocks and Stuey threw sticks for the dogs.  Sheba does not like to go swimming, and will run to the water's edge and then stop.  Jake and Tank plow into the water and swim after the sticks.  A few times Tank did not find the stick and kept on swimming and looking until we called him back to shore.


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