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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Leading the Brownies~Year 2

I"m beginning year two as a girl scout leader and the year is off to a smooth start.  This year I have 10 girls in my troop, as well as lots of helpful parents to support us. The girls were excited at their first gathering, a mix of returning and new 2nd and 3rd graders. There were 3 new girls to the troop and my Brownies are from all different schools. 

The girls ran ahead in the sun-lit trees on the path to Spruce Cape. A smaller pack of us brought up the back and I had a chance to talk with one of the other parents about Girl Scouts. She shared with me her experience of scouting as a child.  Girl scouts provided opportunities to do things that her family didn't have time to do with her. She was one of 8 children and she went on hikes and camping adventures with her troop, which proved so memorable to her. She was glad for her little Brownie to have the same opportunity.

Coming into this year, my mission is similiar to last year, "Keep the Outing in Scouting". At this first meeting several girls had a chance to strike a match for the first time. My hope is for lots more firsts, including hikes, cooking, map/trail skills, survival skills...

And there may be some patches given out along the way and some Girl Scout Journey awards as well, but my focus is going to be to provide opportunities for adventure and learning and supporting eachother along the way.


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