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Saturday, September 06, 2014

More Mountain Goat

Another view of the photogenic goat

The scenery where we went goat hunting was spectacular.  Fall is in the air and the vegetation is starting to change colors.  On day one it was bright and sunny and hot and the photos I took came out a little washed out.  It clouded up a bit on day 2 and the atmospheric conditions made for better photographs.  But it seems I had a dirt smudge on the lens that I did not wipe off until I took pictures of Brooks' goat - note ghost of brown at the top of the images.  Oh well, I'm sure if I tried I could fix them in photoshop or iphoto.  Patrick

Looking back towards the ocean at the start of the climb to the alpine - there are lots of bears down there!

Fog forming in the valleys as a front moves in on day 2 of the hunt

Brooks picture of me glassing for mountain goats

Back in the day, these are places where I used to summer ski

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