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Monday, December 30, 2013

Learning to watch Football

Today at the Golf Course

Last night I taught Nora and Stuey about American football.  The Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles were playing 'Sunday Night Football' and the game was streamed live on the internet. We do not have a TV in the house so the kids hardly ever get a chance to watch a game.  Last night Zoya actually encouraged me to have a beer and sit in front of the computer with the kids 'watching football'.  She thinks it is important that they learn about mainstream activities like watching football on TV.

Nora and Stuey were totally engrossed in the game and asked lots of questions.  Nora and I rooted for the 'green guys' (the Eagles) while Stuey chose to root for the 'White guys' (the Cowboys).  I am pretty sure he chose to root for the 'white guys' because he picked up on how much I despise that particular team.  I did not make a big deal of his choice in the hopes that it does not become a permanent allegiance.  I think we will just try to forget about the Cowboys.

Anyway, today while driving to the golf course to go skiing I asked Stuey how he liked watching football. He replied that he 'really liked it', and then added, 'I also liked the cheerleaders.  They cheer and wear shorts'.  I almost drove off the road.  It seems Stuey may have a particular reason to stick with the Cowboys after all.


Island Lake ski over the weekend

Nora enjoys her new skis

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Philip said...

I have never been prouder of Stuey than I am now. Even a tear in the eye.
Philip Sims