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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pre Christmas Activities

Cutting the 'yard' tree that Stuey picked out
The Christmas season is starting to ramp up.  Last weekend we cut down a Christmas tree from our backyard.  Zoya and I agree that picking out and cutting the Christmas tree is one of our favorite memories of the Holiday Season from childhood.  So last year I was devastated when the kids cried with my choice of a backyard tree.  And we ended up buying a tree.

So this year I had decided to just get it over with and buy a tree.  But when it came time to drive to the 'tree store' the kids wanted to go outside and find one in our yard instead.  I was delighted, and very happy to oblige.  I had also learned my lesson.  'Charlie Brown' trees make the cut when the kids are tots, but a big tree is needed for kids who take an active interest in decorations.  A big tree is needed for lots of decorations.

Out into the back yard we went and Stuey picked out a HUGE tree that was partially blocking our view and needed thinning. I cut it down and only used the top of the tree.  But inside the house it still comes close to the ceiling.  No waiting to put ornaments on the tree either - the kids were ON it.  Patrick

Decorating the tree immediately after getting it inside the house

Checking out the drive thru Christmas light show - the kids got the front of the car while Zoya and I sat in the back

The light show is VERY elaborate and is choreographed to Christmas music that you tune into on the car radio

Stuey and Nora play at building really tall towers and then knocking them down

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