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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Holiday Treats

This Holiday season has brought with it some fun surprises. 

I just celebrated my first year as the PT on the Coast Guard Base! The time has flown and I've really enjoyed being the PT for the base.  
As part of the holiday tradition, the clinic has a door decorating contest. This was my first year participating and the PT door won first place! I was thrilled and surprised because my door didn't have any lights or anything jazzy on it. The sign says, "Don't be a Frosty- Remember your Ice Grippers!".  The prize is a $25 gift card to the pizza parlor. 

Contest Winner for Door Decorating Contest at USCG Base Clinic

The office manager, Kate, at A Balanced Approach designed a holiday card which highlighted a lot of different aspects of A Balanced Approach to celebrate 2013.

Happy Holidays from A Balanced Approach

Stuey's horseback riding lessons are going well. Ms. Becca is his teacher and we go rain or shine! I"ve learned the art of bundling up super duper good to keep me warm- as well as Stuey. Lessons are in the indoor arena, but we have to tack up horse Bob in the stable area and walk him over to the arena. Brrr….but fun! Becca lets Stuey ride bob bareback without saddle which helps warm Stuey up more also.

Ready to ride! 

A member at A Balanced Approach surprised the instructors with a bouquet of flowers. This was such a fun, thoughtful gesture for A Balanced Approach. Its fun to help people with help and fitness and rewarding to see people so appreciative.

"Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks so much for all the help with my workouts. Your all awesome! Thanks Jason"


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