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Saturday, December 07, 2013

Holiday Bells-Nutcracker

This weekend was the local production of the Nutcracker. The production is done every 3 years and this year around 200 dancers performed. The dancing, costumes, lighting, choreography was really stunning and the older girls did especially fabulous on their solos and duets.

Nora finished her final performance today (she was in 2 out of the 4 shows) and I'm glad that the production is over for her and now we can resume with regular programming holiday season!

Over the years I have taken it for granted that all kids in ballet class can dance in the Nutcracker. Then a conversation this past week reminded me how our local production is   a treat. A girlfriend who moved here from Anchorage remarked how what a treat it is that our young ones can be in the nutcracker. She said in Anchorage only the top 5% of dancers can be in the Nutcracker and the top lead roles are ALL flown in from out of state. She remarked how supportive all the girls in the production are of eachother and how everyone has a good time. 

This was a good reminder for me that it truly is a gift to have  small scale local Nutcracker production  that the girls can dance in!

I"m proud of my little Holiday Bell. She worked hard and gave lots of hours to class rehearsals this past month. 

Curtain Call

Behind the scenes waiting to go out on stage

A LOT of sitting downstairs in the hallways of the 'green room'

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