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Friday, December 20, 2013

Play and kid-isms

Stuey saying one of his lines. 

Stuey and Nora have said some funny things lately~I'm trying to get good about writing their quotes down again.  When I look through our older printed out blog books, its the kid quote parts that I enjoy the most.

-Recently I made oatmeal with brown sugar, milk and butter. Stuey sat down to eat it and I asked him how it was. He took a bite and shrugged his shoulders quite dramatically. He said, "It doesn't really taste like anything. It just tastes blank." I chuckled to myself…his choice of words.

-I've been working with Stuey on his R's. My sister warned me that if we don't take care of his R's now, then he'll be still having issues with them in 7th grade. Its funny…I'll gently correct him with an R…he'll repeat with improved R…then if I give him feedback he doesn't like he says,
"Mom-WHATEV-AH!" I say, "Stuey, you can say whatever but you need to say "What-ev-R""  This cracks us both us.

A few nights ago was the school holiday play. Nora and Stuey both had a really fun time in it. Stuey was a Star and had 2 lines. He said them so loud, clear and articulate. We could hear him in the back of the gym. I was really proud of his confidence with saying the lines. Half way through his first line, the girl standing next to him started making funny faces and laughing at Stuey which cut Stuey off. Stuey stood there choking back his tears, trying to compose himself before finishing his line. He was able to finish his line, which was good. Later on, Stuey said that the girl next to him was just really nervous and he wasn't upset with her.

Nora was a camel and had a camel routine/dance which she was really smiling all the way through. She seemed so happy up on the stage performing, having fun with her friends.


Nora behind a star.

Sweetest Camels ever! 

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