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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Times

This morning the kids woke up "late" for opening presents. I believe Stuey was up at 6:15 and Nora didn't awake till nearly 7:00. This is in stark contrast to years past when they would awake at 5:00 to open presents with no chance of going back to sleep!

opening presents this morning

Stuey searching and sorting

The year of the Red Sox gifts from Patrick's parents! Red sox hats, bracelet, grill set, ornament.... 

Lots of activity books to occupy time over Christmas Break. 

Yesterday I stayed home from work because I wasn't feeling quite right and then last night I was struck with a stomach virus. Fortunately it was a short lived, 24 hour virus but this morning I wasn't feeling top notch. Our initial Christmas dinner plans included having some friends come over here, but this morning I could tell I didn't have it in me to host dinner. One phone call later to our friends Mike and Roxann and they offered to have dinner at their place.

I was so glad I felt well enough to go; Mike cooked up a tender, delicious elk roast, Patrick made mashed potatoes and Roxann had a great spread of appetizers and desserts. Brooks brought smoked white king salmon-my favorite.  The kids all played together and laughed from upstairs. Bless the hearts of Mike and Roxann to have such flexibility to throw the dinner at their place so last minute. And with such grace and kindness.


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