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Friday, December 27, 2013

Same View Different Composition

Here on Kodiak after scraping by for over a month on minimal snow pack we finally have good cross country skiing.  A good solid base with a half foot or so of powder on top.  Grab the old wooden skiis and slap on some extra blue wax kind of snow.  Perfect.

Yesterday I tried to capture the mood of the trees and snow with my camera.  Mostly I tried different panoramic compositions.  After stitching the panoramics together back at home I am amazed at how subtle compositional changes can make the view look so different. Each of the panoramic pairs belowwere taken from the same spot.  But in each case, the resulting image looks very different.

It just goes to show that having a great view does not necessarily mean you'll get a great picture.  And I don't think I quite captured the views yesterday.  But I did get some ideas about how to take a better picture next time!  Patrick

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