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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Odds and ends from Fall

At our house you know it's fall when the sunrise is through the Spruce Cape trees

This morning I was cleaning up the iphoto files on our computer and found some photos that somehow missed the blog.  Here they are in no particular order with captions.

I helped Stuey make this block temple, but he created some amazing structures by himself

Despite not having a tape player these cassettes have remained in a drawer in our kitchen for years - Zoya finally put them away

This one is sort of sad because it marks the end of me 'choosing the music'.  In the old days I was quite active in picking up new music.  These days Zoya picks out most of the new music in our house.  Looking back at those tapes brought back some memories and nostalgia for the days of homemade cassettes. Some of these tapes followed me from college to South Africa to Madison, WI and then on to Alaska.  I wish I could get a cassette tape player for my car and get re-acquanted with them.  Or .. .. Perhaps I should just go to itunes. .. ..

That's one big carrot from our garden - I actually found this type 'woody' and preferred the 'Nantes' type that we also grew as a better 'eater'

Stuey harassing the spawned out silver salmon

When Zoya was away for training in early November I took the kids for one last fishing trip out at White Sands beach.  There were still a few bright silvers coming in from the ocean but most of the fish we saw were pretty red looking.  Still you could see the fish, and that meant there was always a chance that you could catch a fish.  Stuey really, really wanted to catch one of those spawned out silvers.

'Fishing' - note stray fishing lines

It's always fun when there's a chance you will catch a fish!


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