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Friday, December 27, 2013

Stuey's sunset riding lesson

Saddling up Bob the horse

Yesterday Nora and I took Stuey out to his horse riding lesson out at the Fairgrounds.  The indoor riding area was crowded with other riders so Becca decided to give Stuey his lesson outside.  Normally the inside area is freezing and lit with a greenish fluorescent hue.  Outside it was hovering around 30 degrees, but I bet that was warmer than the inside area.  And outside there was a spectacular sunset going on.

I was very happy with an outside lesson.

Nora and I walked along beside Stuey and Becca as he went about his lesson.  Nora and I got a walk,  Stuey got a horse riding lesson, Bob and Becca got a change in routine, and we all enjoyed the sunset.


Stuey learnes how to lead a horse

All saddled up and mounted

We did 2 loops around the outside of the Fairgrounds

Stuey practices telling Bob what to do

Awesome sunset!

And back to the stable we go

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