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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Walk with Stuey and Macro

New Sitka Spruce buds

This morning I went for a walk through Abercrombie with Stuey and the dogs.  Stuey was excited to go for a long walk 'to the bunkers' and so we went all the way around the lake.  We hiked for an hour and a half which is VERY encouraging.  I can't wait for the day when we hike out to Termination Point or up Mount Monashka, and after today I think those days are not all that far off.

On our hike today I played with the macro feature of my little point and shoot.  It is kind of cool how things look when you look at them super close.  Patrick

My nemesis - Pushki flowers

Fly pollinating the pushki flowers

Strawberry flower and 'bugs'

half blown dandelion

1 comment:

My Little Family: said...

Sounds like we have a little Patrick in training ;)

Funny, the Pushki never bothered me. I bagged it up when it was cut down and everyone thought I would have a reaction but didn't. But don't put a bandaid on me because I will blister up - go figure.