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Sunday, June 02, 2013

48 Hours in Boston

The Friday night Delphic Club class of '88

A Pink

A Rhododendron

Emmy greeting us at the airport...Hour 1. Complete with dunkin' donuts coffee!

A Gum tree in yard at Patrick's parents house. 

Dinner get together Friday night with Patrick's roommates

Pre-reunion drinks

A few of the mini quilts that hung overhead. 

Beautiful quilts were strung overhead in the museum. This is what I learned about them From the MFA Site....

"Visit "To Boston With Love," an installation of hundreds of hand-sewn squares created created by quilters in the US and around the world, including Canada, England, Ireland, France, Holland, Australia, Japan, Brazil, and Africa. Each mini quilt delivers a message of peace and hope and is signed on the back by the artist, with his or her country. The project was a grass-roots effort conceived by Berene Campbell of Vancouver, Canada, and organized locally by Amy Friend of West Newbury. Those interested in making a quilt to be included in the installation can visit the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild website to learn more about the project."

They were beautiful. What a thoughtful tribute.

Chihuly glass sculpture and the quilts overhead. 

On the wall at the bar...Zoya thought it was cute. 

Patrick brought a can of tuna from Whole Foods and shared it. This wasn't just ANY tuna, it was from Tomas' tuna plant in Costa Rica. So delicious it was and fun to share with friends that night. 

With Thomas & Anna (from Costa Rica)

Lunch in Sherborn on patio. Hot day, fun times catching up. 
Our 48 hours flew by and so fun it was to catch up with friends and family.

Patrick and Zoya

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