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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Currents, hoops, and notes

Its been a heat wave in Kodiak~ nearly a week of 65+ degrees. Its been long deserved, as we had a cold May.  This past weekend Elke and I took the kids to Buskin beach and they frolicked in the shallows along  the side of the river.  A reminder of how hard core Alaskan kids are. Brrr!!!

 For Stuey, what made the day complete was some Cheddar Pringles chips. Lots of them. In between dips in the river. 

Another project last weekend was clearing off my basketball court. I called our friend John S. who brought his truck over to move the boat that was parked there, but we discovered it was easiest to move it by hand. I then moved off tires, sleds and some wood.
The kids proceeded help me hose off the court and tonight I started shooting the first hoops of the season and it fed my soul. Stuey was watching from a distance and he'd say, "That was good mom! You almost made it! And gave me thumbs up." I like my little mini cheering squad!

My Physical therapy clinic has been in the transition of switching over to electronic medical records for several months. In the beginning of the transition, I would write my notes with clients on stickie notes, then enter the info into the computer later.

A few weeks ago I had my first series of clients where I entered the info into my laptop with the client sitting right there. I knew there would be an art to my body language and having the computer not feel like a barrier in the treatment session. I was very conscious of this and made an extra effort with good eye contact and the angle of my body to my client.
I explained to my clients that I was doing my notes right there and I set the computer on the treatment table, not my lap~ which helped.

At the end of treatment, I typed in the results of treatment and my plan, then proceeded to schedule them for their next appt right in the medical records schedule.
I really liked the feeling of walking out of the treatment room and having the note AND billing all done for the client.
And it didn't change the atmosphere with the client at all. I am a faster typer than writer and will be able to take better notes this way.

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