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Saturday, June 08, 2013

Moments Summer are Made Of

This weekend was training at A Balanced Approach. My favorite fitness trainer, Janet, came over form Anchorage to guide us, teach us, watch us and give us feedback. 

7 of us learned a new class format; TRX. 
TRX was originally designed by Navy Seals who wanted a program they could continue when in remote places or with limited equipment. They would do a full body workout using their suspended parachute straps. 

Now TRX is a popular nationwide fitness program. The exercises use your own bodyweight and it is as challenging as you want it to be. In all honesty, I had never done a TRX class before this weekend. I had the straps hung, brought the trainer down and 6 other instructors and myself dove in with both feet. I loved it. It felt good to learn something COMPLETELY new and different-it was humbling. 

We had so much fun learning-laughing at ourselves and encouraging eachother. Its exciting to be bringing this format of class to Kodiak in this larger group format. 

~Keep Calm and Lean On~

A fun group to learn with!


Today after the training, the kids  wanted a lemonade stand so we made cookies and lemonade. The weather was warm-it reached 70 degrees! Nora actually said, "mom, I'm hot"....words typically not uttered in these parts of the world.

Afterwards the kids went in the sprinkler to cool off.

I stayed inside making the cookies for the first part and I watched through the window as several neighbors drove by, stopped, bought goodies and drove on. One neighbor bought several rounds of cookies and he commented how wonderful it is that kids can do lemonade stands; how in some states/cities, you have to have a permit or its not allowed, etc.... I love seeing the sales in action-the conversation made between the kids and the adults, the small talk and completely random conversation or comments that the kids make.

Stuey wants to have another lemonade stand tomorrow, but I explained to him that you can't have one too frequently because then people will stop buying cookies and lemonade. He seemed to understand that. I thought in 2-3 weeks people would be ready once again.
Lemonade anyone?
Another bonus of lemonade stands is it gives me a chance to connect with neighbors. One neighbor remembered last year when the kids had a stand. It has become an annual Cliffside Road tradition!
Neighbors enjoying cookies with us on the warm lawn. 

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