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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Home for 1 day

Yesterday afternoon Patrick called to check in and we chatted for a few minutes about dogs, kids, visitors, the dig, Nora's program, etc.  As we neared the end of our conversation, I became unusually teary in expressing how much I missed him; its been a month since his Old Harbor dig started, and two weeks left to go until his return home.  I also broke the news  that we wouldn't be able to visit him in Old Harbor as we had tenatively planned. Time was running away from us and I didn't want to have big gaps in Nora's program. He completely understood. 

I was sad, But I resisted saying, "I wish you could come home" or "please come home soon" because I've learned in the past that he isn't able to come home sooner anyhow. And it just makes him feel bad not being able to honor that request. 

So we hung up the phone, I dried my tears, put on my Stevie Nicks Pandora station and tried to perk myself up. It was all first world problems, really. 

Thirty minutes after hanging up the phone, Patrick called back. He said, "Zoya, I can fly home for the evening and day. What do you think? Should I do it?" I was estatic and just over an hour later, he was home on a gorgeous sunny evening. 

So we celebrated Fathers Day in the sun and this afternoon fired up the BBQ pit for ribs, hot dogs, grilled veggies. He heads back out tomorrow and will be back home in less than 2 weeks!

Happy Fathers Day!

The Smore Scene

70 deg. in Kodiak! 

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