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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Domestic Bliss

Tonight when I came in from work, this is what I saw in my kitchen....

Elke rockin' the apron...along with killer fish tacos! Woo-hoo!

My friend, Elke, cooking cod fish tacos. Simply heaven.

 Patrick is gone on archaeology dig for 6 weeks, and Elke has jokingly stepped in as my wife. She is incredible; cooks, cleans and best conversation ever.  She is living right next door to us until her house sale closes this week.

Tonights menu was cod fish tacos; complete with chipolte sauce, cabbage, cheese tortillas. Simply delicious!

Elke has been living next door for I don't know how long (weeks, or months).

What I Do know is that communal living rocks. We take care of each others kids, take turns fixing or ordering dinner, cleaning, etc.  I've decided that this is the way we are programmed to have kids. To have people next door with whom you can share child care responsibiliites with, cooking responsibilities, etc. Its the way life used to be; aunts, uncles, grandparents next door.

Tonight Elke and I  prepared the kids food, then sent them outside to play for half an hour. This gave she and I a chance to eat and catch up on our lives; its been a few days since we've had uninterrupted time to talk.

Patrick called tonight and he is due to return in less than a week; woo-hoo! Elkes husband is off for two weeks working on the North Slope. In the meantime, life with our kids, our homes and work in Kodiak continues. Her presence here  on Cliffside Drive has made the summer so fun, and this 6 weeks without Patrick just fly right by.....


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