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Sunday, June 02, 2013

25th College Reunion

Last night Patrick and I attended Patrick's 25th college reunion in Boston and what a fun time it was!

 The evening gala was held at the Museum of Fine Arts and almost all of Patrick's college roommates attended. I was looking forward to the evening since Patrick's 20th reunion 5 years ago. The night was a dream; fun reconnecting with his roommates and their wives. And dancing up a storm with some very groovy people. 

Outside the Museum of Fine Arts

Some of our high heels. 

Eric and Shelly

So fun dancing!!

The roommates

Friends and dance partners!

Scenic inside the MFA
Panoramic with a Chihuly Sculpture in the background. 

Walking home feet were so sore. My first time seeing the big Harvard library. I was in awe. Various gates out of Harvard were locked and it was a seemingly long trek home as we maneuvered off the campus.  Spirits were hight after such a fun evening!


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