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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wrong tires for Nasturtiums

This week I took 4 tires into the car shop to get my studded tires replaced with my all weather tires. (Yes, I know-I"m a few months late on this task. Its been busy!) The car shop called and said that the tires that were in the back of my car would not fit my Volvo. When I got home I looked around the shed area and there were no other sets of tires that would  fit my car. Then I remembered: The new flower planters.

I went over to the house and saw the stacks of tires that Patrick made as flower planters this spring. Evidently my all weather tires are part of that pack, with Nasturtiums alive and thriving in the tires. 

The tires probably would've only last 1 more year anyhow, so the plan is to get a different pair of all weathers and let the nasturtiums keep blossoming away. 

Patrick and the archaology crew returned home on Monday and its been great to have the house full of friends from afar. 


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